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Thank you for participating in this year's MOST Awards survey.

Closing date for voting has been extended to 15 July 2013.

If you submit your completed questionnaire by 30 June you will be entered into the lucky draw for R3,000 cash! And if you submit your questionnaire before 15 June you will be entered into our Early Bird draw for an additional R2,000! The winner/s will be notified telephonically and via email by 5 July 2013.

Please note that you may complete the survey in parts without losing your answers. If you click the “cancel” button at any stage in the survey, it will leave you with a link to return to (remember to save it somewhere). Please however be advised that the survey will time out if there is no activity on it for more than two days. You have to complete the full survey in order to be entered into the lucky draws.

It is important that you rate only the Media Owners or Media Agencies that you have had sufficient contact with to be able to rate them accurately and fairly. Your honest rating scores will help these companies to assess and improve their service delivery which ultimately will lead to a better Industry for everyone.

Please be reassured that your responses will be confidential.

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