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Welcome to the California WIC Learning Needs and Resource Assessment (LNRA) for Participant-Centered Education (PCE).  The LNRA asks you to consider your educator observations and other feedback (such as participant surveys) to determine PCE strengths and where you’d like to see growth.  It asks what resources you have and what else you need in order to maintain PCE strengths and to address growth.

Agencies can then use this information to develop their PCE Implementation Plan (due September 2014); i.e., to develop PCE goals and training/activities to meet these goals.

Editing, printing, and saving your responses:

  • You will have an opportunity to review, edit, and print your responses before submitting the LNRA.

  • Once submitted, you will receive an email with a link to your completed LNRA so you can print and save the information in your files.  We highly recommend you save your LNRA responses so you can refer to them when needed; e.g., when developing your Implementation Plan.

  • Partially completed questionnaires are saved* by the Vanguard Vista system. If you need to restart an incomplete survey, you can resume your original survey from the SAME computer. You will not lose work if your network connection fails, your web browser is closed, or if you simply need to stop before submitting.

* Please note: If the browser settings on your computer deletes “cookies”, the survey responses you entered will not be saved.  In this case, we recommend printing your responses before exiting, so you can more easily re-enter them when resuming the survey.

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Email address:  Once you submit the LNRA, we'll send you a link to access your responses.  You can also view your completed responses immediately once you're done with the survey; but that window will close as soon as you click the "submit" button.

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