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PCE Implementation Plan - FFY 2015

Thank you for accessing the California WIC FFY 15 PCE Implementation Plan.

Materials you will need to complete this Plan:

Your agency's:

  • FFY 13 Implementation Plan
  • FFY 14 Learning Needs and Resource Assessment (LNRA)


This Plan asks your agency to:

  • Assess your progress towards meeting goals described in your FFY 13 Implementation Plan,
  • Review your responses to the FFY 14 PCE LNRA,
  • Based on findings from your LNRA:  Identify 1-2 goals that reflect PCE improvements you would most like to see during FFY 15, and
  • Describe the activities your agency will conduct during FFY 15  to meet these goals.

Due date:

Please submit the FFY 2015 Implementation Plan by Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

Editing, printing, and saving your responses:

BEFORE you submit your Plan:

  • You will have an opportunity to review, edit, and print your responses before submitting your Plan.
  • Partially completed Plans are saved* by the Vanguard Vista system.   If you need to restart an incomplete Plan, you can resume work on your original Plan from the SAME computer.   You will not lose work if your network connection fails, your web browser is closed, or if you simply need to stop before submitting.
* Please note: If the browser settings on your computer deletes “cookies”, your responses will not be saved. If you are not able to complete the Plan in one session, we recommend you print (or copy and save) your responses as a precautionary measure, so you can more easily re-enter them if needed when you resume.

AFTER you submit your Plan:

  • You will receive an email with a link to your completed Plan so you can print and save the information in your files.
  • We highly recommend saving your responses so you can refer to them when needed.

Please provide your contact information:
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Your email address: (Once you submit your Plan, this address will be used to send a link so you can access your responses)


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