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Surfnet Customer Survey

We'd like to thank you for taking a moment to complete this survey, we are continually gathering information to help us better serve the Summit Area.

Are you a Surfnet Customer? If not, what is your current Internet solution?

Overall, how do you feel about your Internet Service Provider?
(5= Very Satisfied, 1= Very Dissatisfied)

How would you rate the following aspects of your Internet service?
(5= Very Satisfied, 1= Very Dissatisfied)
Customer Service
Fairness of pricing
VoIP quality
Gaming Needs
Business Uses

Please rank in order (1-5) which features are most important to you in a Broadband Service Provider?

Connection Speed
Cost of Equipment and Installation
Monthly Service Price
Courteous 24/7 Tech Support
Availability of VoIP (Quality)
Local Provider
Email, Virus and SPAM control
Gaming (response speed)
If you indicated that "Connection Speed" is one of the features most important to you. Which option below best describes your current connection?
If you included "Monthly Service Price" in your top 5 features above, what is your current monthly price?
If you included "Other" in your top 5 features above, please specify:

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