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This survey seeks your views on crime, disorder and policing in central London and in particular near to where you work. This is a confidential document and will not be shared by any other party than the Policing in Business Communities research team.

The questions asked in this survey focus on your perceptions of crime, antisocial behaviour and environmental issues in the area in which you work. Please be aware that for the purpose of this survey ‘crimes’ relate to any criminal offence (including drug related behaviour, weapon possession, terrorist activity etc), ‘social disorder’ relates to incidents of antisocial behaviour such as groups of youths hanging around the streets, public drinking, verbal abuse etc. Finally, physical disorders relate primarily to environmental issues including the presence of litter, graffiti and vandalism such as broken glass from smashed phone boxes etc. In addition to your perceptions, this survey asks about your experiences of crime over the past 12 months and your communication with the police in the area in which you work.

The survey is separated into five parts. You will be presented with a variety of question types some of which require you to tick responses which apply to you and for others you are asked to provide more descriptive information. The responses to all questions are of interest to us so for each question please respond truthfully. If there are any questions that you do not wish to answer please leave them blank.

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